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LED “Stop” Script Tail Light | KA0042
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KNS Accessories is proud to introduce an LED version of an iconic tail light. This version has never been offered before due to the dual colors of amber and red in the same lens. We have developed a unique circuit board that when brakes are applied, the "STOP" script illuminates in amber. The new tail light features a lens that is brighter and therefore safer for any Model A, street rod, pickups, trailers, motorcycles, and many other custom applications while maintaining its original and timeless appearance. The unique lens comes ready to install with an 1156 plug and serves as a stop, turn and running tail light where the red portion stays lit at all times. When the brake is applied, the “STOP” script illuminates in amber. The complete assembly is offered in all black or stainless steel housing and the left side will feature a white led lens for license plate lighting. This unit will easily replace your existing tail light and will fit into any existing bracket or fender.

Applications – 1928-'31 Model A, street rods, bobbers, trailers, and custom application

Function – Tail light assembly

Voltage – 12V only

Material – Steel metal housing with polycarbonate led lens

Installation –Black wire: High/+

                    –Green wire: Low/+

                    –Housing and Screws: Ground (-)

Unit & Package – Sold by each, display box

Patent – US11054106

Part No. Description Position Housing
KA0042 Red LED "STOP" script Driver with LED license light Black
KA0043 Red LED "STOP" script Passenger Black
KA0070 Red LED "STOP" script Driver with LED license light Stainless Steel
KA0071 Red LED "STOP" script Passenger Stainless Steel