1940 Ford Tail Lights │KA0230

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1940 Ford Tail Lights │KA0230
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A top quality repdroduction of an iconic tail lights. These features a polished stainless steel rim bezel
and red glass lens. Available in both LED and Incandescent 12 volt applications. A very popular tail
light that is also used on many street rod and custom applications such as trailers, motorcycles, trucks
and ofcourse, hot rods.

Applications – 1940 Ford, street rods, hot rods and custom applications

Function – Tail light assembly

Material – Stainless steel, glass

Unit – Sold by each, display box

Part No.  Description
KA0230 1940 Ford tail light assembly, red glass lens, incandescent, 12V
KA0235 1940 Ford LED tail light assembly, 24 diode, 12V