1955-’68 20 ft Coaxial Antenna Cable

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1955-’68 20 ft Coaxial Antenna Cable
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Antennas are a stylish and functional accessory for Impalas and Bel Air models adding a slanted, sleek and shiny chrome appearance. KNS Accessories now offers high quality units that come complete with all of the necessary hardware to make installation effortless. The driver side serves as a dummy unit while the passenger side includes a 20 ft coaxial cable.

Applications – 1959 Chevrolet Impala, Bel Air, 2 & 4 Hardtop and Convertible

Function – Radio Antenna

Features –  20 ft coaxial antenna cable

Material – Made from high quality metals

Unit– Sold by each

Part No. Description
KC8421 20 ft coaxial antenna cable